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Bullet bra pads - Bullet bra inserts - padding for 1950s womens cone bullet bras Make bullet bras more pointed with bullet bra insert foam pads. Ideal bra inserts that stay in cone bras to create the perfect pointed breast look in 1940s and 1950s womens underwear lingerie style. If you're in between sizes in our bullet bra this little falsies are ideal for making your bra more pointy. They're made from soft foam shaped into a hollow cone. Miss X says that it's easy to sew the pads into your bra so they don't fly across the room during a striptease!

Bullet bra pad sizing information

The one size fits all bullet bras apart from: 32A, 32B and 34A. If you are a smaller size they could be trimmed to fit but you would have to sew around the rough edges for a neat finish.

Price: £6.20
Bullet Bra Pads